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IPAC-RS is continuing its Roundtable series in 2024, supplementing the podium presentations held at the IPAC-RS/RDD Joint session that addressed Regulatory, Science and Technology Innovations Enabling Novel and Improved OINDP Design, Development and Manufacturing. 

The first webinar of 2024, Regulatory and Technical Considerations in Sustainable Lifecyle Approaches for OINDP Device and Container Closure Systems (Part III) is scheduled for Thursday, March 14, 2024 at 10:00 - 11:30 AM US ET.   




This virtual roundtable will bring together pharmaceutical industry and supply chain representatives, and is open to the public and aims to increase understanding of the current and emerging scientific and regulatory context for sustainability in the drug device combination product lifecycle as supply chains and product manufacturers seek to decrease their carbon footprints, produce less waste, and create circularity in resource use where possible.  Communication and coordination among all stakeholders will be needed to implement and navigate these changes.    


  • Edward Jackson (Kindeva Drug Delivery)


  • Hasmukh Patel (FDA/CDER)

  • Steven Hoare (MHRA)

  • Harriet Lewis (Chiesi)

  • Timothy Buxton (Grundon Waste Management, Ltd.)

  • Nolwenn Stephan (Nemera)


  • Above Presenters and:

  • Edward Jackson (Kindeva Drug Delivery)

  • Dipti Patel (Kindeva Drug Delivery)

  • Edwin Jao (FDA/CDER)


Webinar Program:

I.     Welcome and Overview of Webinar (5 minutes)

II.    Presentations (15 minutes each) 


  • Hasmukh Patel (FDA/CDER)

  • Steven Hoare (MHRA)

  • Harriet Lewis (Chiesi) and Timothy Buxton (Grundon Waste Management, Ltd.)

  • Nolwenn Stephan (Nemera)

​​III.     Moderated Q&A Session with the Presenters and Panelists (25 minutes)

Feel free to share the registration information with interested colleagues.

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