IPAC-RS Digital-Device Roundtables: Starting in 2020, IPAC-RS organized roundtables with thought leaders to discuss key regulatory and scientific topics in respiratory products.  Continuing that practice, in 2021, IPAC-RS launched a new series focusing on drug-device combination products with digital components, and digital-health opportunities and challenges more broadly.  See webpage for recordings and schedule of upcoming webinars.
RDD/IPAC-RS Joint Session

May 5, 2022

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Digital RDD / IPAC-RS Symposium

April 26, 2020

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Visit the IPAC-RS Pharmaceutical Aerosols Resource Center (PARC) to learn about science and regulation of medicinal aerosols and delivery systems – including those involved in addressing COVID-19. Contact us with questions or suggestions. 
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IPAC-RS Comments
  • IPAC-RS Comments on USP <1604> Presentation of Aerodynamic Particle Size Distribution (APSD) Measurement Data for Orally Inhaled Drug Products PF48(1) (March 31, 2022)