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IPAC-RS is continuing its Roundtable series in 2023, supplementing the podium presentations held at the IPAC-RS/RDD Joint session that addressed Regulatory, Science and Technology Innovations Enabling Novel and Improved OINDP Design, Development and Manufacturing. 

The first webinar of 2023, Advancing Sustainability of Device and Container Closure Systems (Part II) is scheduled for Tuesday, February 7, 2023 at 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM US ET.   




This virtual roundtable will bring together pharmaceutical industry and supply chain representatives to discuss emerging ideas and approaches to advance sustainability of device and container closure system (CCS) components.  The roundtable aims to (i) describe and discuss what the industry is currently doing with respect to device and CCS sustainability for existing products, (ii) discuss emerging ideas and approaches to future parasigms of creation and use, and (iii) continue to identify goals and actions that the OINDP industry and its supply chain partners can achieve and drive regarding device and CCS sustainability, while continuing to advance the availability of high quality, safe, and efficacious products to patients.    



  • Christian Meusinger, Vice President Global Quality & Regulatory, Nemera

  • Paulo Cavacas, Business Development Manager, Borealis

  • Valéry Rebizant, Delrin® Global Sustainability Leader and Sustainability Marketing Leader, DuPont

  • Rob Haley, Global Director of Program Management – Medical, Drug Delivery Device, Celanese


  • Edward Jackson, Device Development Team Leader, Kindeva Drug Delivery

  • Marc Severin, Program Manager Sustainability and Innovation, Presspart

  • Beate Treffler, Regional Sales Manager Europe, Healthcare Polymer Solutions, Avient Colorants Germany GmbH


Webinar Program:

I.     Welcome and Overview of Webinar (5 minutes)

II.    Presentations (15 minutes each) 


  • Christian Meusinger, Nemera

  • Paulo Cavacas, Borealis

  • Valéry Rebizant, DuPont

  • Rob Haley, Celanese

​​III.     Moderated Q&A Session with the Presenters and Panelists (55 minutes)

Click here to view bios for the speakers.

Feel free to share the registration information with interested colleagues.

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