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IPAC-RS is hosting a new Roundtable series in 2022, supplementing the podium presentations held at the IPAC-RS/RDD Joint session that addressed Regulatory, Science and Technology Innovations Enabling Novel and Improved OINDP Design, Development and Manufacturing. 

The first webinar in the series, Patient Centric Product Design is scheduled for Thursday, September 22, 2022 at 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM US ET.   




  • Jeremy Clarke, Ph.D., Senior Fellow, Manufacturing Science & Technology, Global Supply Chain, GSK



  • Gregor Anderson, MSc, Managing Director, Pharmacentric Solutions

  • Juan Cheng, Ph.D., RAC, Device Development, Merck Research Labs (MRL) Merck

  • Sven Stegemann, Ph.D., Professor of Patient Centric Drug Design and Manufacturing, Graz University of Technology

  • Paul Upham, Head, Smart Devices, Roche/Genentech

  • Róisín Wallace, B.Sc., MRSC, Head of Global Device Development, Viatris

Webinar Program:

I.     Welcome and Overview of Webinar

II.    Panelsts Discussion Questions

  • How would you define patient centric pharmaceutical drug product design?

  • What are the key considerations to successfully implement patient centric drug product design for an OINDP?        

  • What are the challenges to address and opportunities to exploit to fully embrace patient centric pharmaceutical drug product design for OINDP?

III.     Moderated Q&A Session with the Panelists

Click to view Panelist and Moderator Bios.  Feel free to share the registration information with interested colleagues.

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